Don’t miss the KVM-Autotest Install Fest on April 14th

The KVM community will be hosting a KVM-Autotest Install Fest on Thursday, April 14. This is an opportunity for KVM/qemu developers to learn how to install KVM-Autotest, run some tests, and contribute new tests back to the community. The qemu project is increasing its focus on testing as a way to improve overall code quality and speed up the patch merge process. Developers will be on-hand in #qemu on to answer questions you may have as you begin to use the test suite.

You can find more information about KVM-Autotest here. and about the install fest here.

About aglitke

I am a software engineer working on Linux, open source software, and virtualization. I am proud to work at Red Hat on oVirt and Red Hat Virtualization with a focus on software defined storage. Other notable projects I have been involved in include: The Linux ppc64 architecture, Linux kernel crash dumps (kdump), Linux huge pages and libhugetlbfs, qemu, libvirt, and the Memory Overcommitment Manager.
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2 Responses to Don’t miss the KVM-Autotest Install Fest on April 14th

  1. Excellent, thanks for organizing this, I’ve been meaning to get a kvm-autotest setup going for a while.

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